Fireman’s Festival 2016

 In Ohio, United States of America

It’s the time of the year again when all of Noble County gather in one place and that is in Caldwell which is the county seat of Noble. This festival usually takes during the end week of the month of July when the sun is up during summer season. They called it the Fireman’s Festival with one simple reason and that is to show appreciation to the people volunteering to put out fires. This would be my second Fireman’s Festival in this small town of Caldwell.


photo cr: Caldwell Fire Dept.


The festival started Thursday with a parade showing some of the products, businesses, and groups of local workers. It might not be as grandiose as I used to witness some of the festivities I’ve seen back in the Philippines but somehow, Americans know how to have fun despite of being in a village. The day commenced not so good when the sky started to turn dark and in the morning, it rained heavily. The good thing about it since it rained in the morning, the sky in the afternoon was all clear. The parade started at 1830H and the town square was filled with rides. Second day of the festival was an annual 5K run. It was used to raise donations for the firefighters for the whole Noble county. A lot of runners were there with prizes to those who came first and so on.

The last and big day of the festival started with a matinee ride and an Allbritain’s Alignment and Repair Car Show. Old cars from 1920s aligned in the town square. Most of the cars were having historical license plates and as an audience, it was indeed amusing. Vintage cars that I haven’t seen before were right infront of me.

At exactly 1800H, the big parade took place. Almost everyone were out on the streets to witness the last day of the festival. Fire trucks from Belle Valley, Byesville, Caldwell, and etc were lining up for the parade with their sirens on. It was fun with lots of companies locally in the county to show off and give tribute to the people who made this possible, the volunteer firefighters. It was awesome and memorable.

As a conclusion of the whole festival, it was indeed a great success. With this great hit, everybody is looking forward for next year’s Fireman’s Festival. Again, the people of Noble county would like to thank the firefighters who are always there to help.

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