West Virginia, Wild and Wonderful

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Ohio and its neighboring states have been separated by a body of water, the Ohio River. The river stretches from northeastern part of Ohio until the southwestern area, leaving gaps between states. For travelers to go out of the Buckeye state, they need to cross the river. Once on the other side of the river, other states such as Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania are within reach.

I always crossed the river like 5-6 times in a month since West Virginia offers way better in shopping selections and I’m close to its border, too. Just recently, I ventured to going further south and visited the capital of West Virginia which is Charleston. But since I was already in West Virginia that time, I have decided on having side trips.

First on my list was to visit the New River Gorge Bridge.


New River Gorge Bridge

The New River Gorge Bridge is a steel arch bridge built over the new river gorge near Fayetteville in the Appalachian mountains. It is one of the highest vehicular bridges in the world and is currently the third highest in the United States. They have a visitor center and a view deck to appreciate the sight of the bridge. They also offer wild attractions and activities such as base jumping, white water rafting, picnic, hiking trails, and more.


View of the bridge from the Visitor Center


Picture Gallery inside the Visitor Center


Photos inside the Visitor enter



Trail to Bridge Overlook


Walkway going to Bridge Overlook


New River Gorge Bridge Overlook


Sight at the viewdeck

After the New River Gorge Bridge, I was driving and passed through this amazing site, the Kanawha Falls.


Kanawha Falls

You won’t miss it if you are driving on your way to the New River Gorge Bridge or heading back to the city of Charleston. It can be viewed on the road  alongside US60 and you will be drawn to it once you see it. I made sure to make a stop and snap some photos. Kanawha Falls is located in the east bank of the Kanawha river which is southwest of Gauley Bridge in Glen Ferris, WV and visitors are allowed to fish.


Local fishing in Kanawha River


Kanawha Falls

Once I got a decent picture of Kanawha Falls, I headed back to my car and drove back to the capital of West Virginia, Charleston. In Charleston, there are a plenty of places to see. I only visited two since I was in a hurry. The first attraction I visited was the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences.


Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences

Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences in Charleston, WV is a facility dedicated to promoting arts,  performing visual arts and sciences. Thus, making the center one of the few of its kind in the country. It is currently the home to the Avampato Discovery Museum and the West Virginia Symphony. It has been tagged as the most ambitious economic, cultural and educational undertaking in the state.


Other side of the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences


Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences with the Hallelujah sculpture

In front of the Clay Center are very distinguished and eye-catching images. First one is they called it Hallelujah.


Hallelujah sculpture by Albert Parley

Hallelujah is a magnificent sculpture designed by Albert Paley. It is made up of corten steel, bronze and stainless steel. This sculpture was donated by the McGee Foundation.


Hallelujah sculpture giving spice to the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences

Next just in front of the Hallelujah is the Festival delle Arti.


Festival delle Arti by Harry Marinsky

Festival delle Arti is a bronze magnificent sculpture made by artist, Harry Marinsky. Festival delle Arti, in English as the Festival of the Performing Arts is a work of passion. There are six bronze figures dressed in performing arts costumes parade around a central bronze tree. Each figure represents excitement about performing arts and the sculpture as a whole is intended for children to explore first hand.


Bronze figures of the Festival delle Arti

After sightseeing in the Clay Center and its magnificent sculptures, I went to grab some food but I noticed a sparkling dome made up of gold. So, I find my way to get there after I was done eating. I found out that the dome was actually the Supreme Court of Appeals and right next to it was West Virginia State Museum. But it was already 1700H and I still have to drive for 2 hours back home, so, I just decided to just take a peek and left.


Supreme Court of Appeal


Gold dome roof of the Supreme Court of Appeals in Charleston, WV


West Virginia State Museum


West Virginia State Museum Building

To sum it up, there are a lot of beautiful places in West Virginia but it needs time for an individual to see them all. The state offers a different kind of experiences, truly, West Virginia, wild and wonderful.

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