Florida, the Sunshine State

 In Florida, United States of America

I’m back posting trips in the United States. I was out of the country for almost a month and when I got back here in the US, it was fall season but the temperature just kept on dropping. I was not ready yet of the cold weather matched with gloomy surrounding. I was feeling sad and lonely so, I have decided to take a trip to a place where I can see the sun rays. I went to Florida, the Sunshine State.

Florida is the southernmost state in the southeastern region of the United States. The state is bordered with bodies of water of Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, and the states of Alabama and Georgia. The state is the 22nd most expensive and the 3rd most populous in the US. Tallahassee is the state’s capital.

Florida Flag

I stayed in South Beach, Miami for the main reason that is famous to a lot of tourists. It has the beaches, the fun, nightlife, the freshest seafoods, and the sunshine. I arrived in Miami International Airport at midnight and the drive from the airport to the hotel I booked was almost half an hour. When I got to the hotel, the front desk informed me that my reservation was cancelled since the system rolled over after midnight and that time was already 30 mins past midnight. I ended up having no hotel to stay for the night. I hopped to hotels lining the Collins Avenue but I never intended to check-in a hotel that costs more than $50 for a 10-hour stay. It took me some few calls and checking hotels until I found one hostel that wasn’t fully booked. It was an adventure strolling around the streets of Miami Beach early dawn but I felt safe coz there were crowds all over the area and partygoers. Finally, I got to rest on a comfy bed.

Early morning, I got out of bed. It was probably around 0700H and directly headed to the shore for a quick sunrise pictorial. The weather was fantastic. The breeze from the sea was perfectly cold, tolerable to wear a beach outfit, the sun glared that was good enough to get a tan, and the sands was acceptable with not so strong waves from the sea.

Lummus Park

A Random Vintage Car in downtown Miami Beach

After my stroll, I went to stores and restaurants near the beach. I got to dine in one of the restaurants in Ocean Drive. It was an Italian restaurant in Ocean Drive and I ordered a grilled salmon since I’ve been craving for food that comes from the sea.

It so happened to that it was Veteran’s Day and they have a parade to thank the veterans for their service. I was already sitting in the restaurant that I don’t have to move an inch to see the parade.

Veteran’s Day in Miami-Dade

Police Car during the Veteran’s Day Parade

US-Taiwan veterans

When my tummy was full, I have decided to roam around the area. I passed through places such as the Lincoln Road Mall, World Erotic Art Museum, the Wolfsonian-Florida International University, and South Pointe Beach.

Lincoln Road Mall

Stores in Lincoln Road Mall

World Erotic Art Museum

Wolfsonian-Florida International University

South Pointe Park

Miami Beach Marina

Random street photo

I got tired and went back to the beach and sat on the sand looking at people swimming, getting a tan, and doing their business. It was a nice view with the waves, the sun, feeling the sand, the sea breeze and I also met a friend from France.

When the sun set, I headed to a restaurant for dinner. I was in Madero and ordered their signature sausage, linguica and a dessert, petit gateau. Then, I walked back to my hostel and called it a day since I got a cruise to go the next day.

Florida is indeed the Sunshine state and sunshine for me brings happiness. The whole time I was in Miami Beach, I had fun and everything was just nice. It was an awesome trip I had over there and one of these days, I’ll be back in Florida to discover the other parts of the state.

Here is my vlog for Florida, the Sunshine State.

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