The First Public Botanical Garden in America

 In Massachusetts, United States of America

Massachusetts is the next destination in the New England region if you came from Rhode Island. Massachusetts is the most populous state in the region and is named after the Massachusett tribe which once inhabited the east side of the area. The capital of the state and most populous city in New England is Boston. Boston is famous to tourists and is a must visit if you are in the United States. It covers 48 square miles city proper. Since Boston is the capital of the state, what better to see the city is the heart of Boston which happens to be the First Botanical Garden in America, the Boston Public Garden.

Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden is a large park in the city center. The garden is listed on U.S National Register of Historic Places and U.S National Historic Landmark. It has 24-acre and has open space, a pond, and a large series of formal plantings that are maintained by the city and other organization.

These plants vary from season to season. It was a good timing that I visited during spring since flowers were bloom and trees were having leaves. The prettiest garden flowers I’ve ever seen in the nation. It has different colors of tulips and also other flowers, as well as, blooming trees.

Trees near the Lagoon Bridge where you can put a hammock

Another tree in bloom

The pond is the home of great many ducks, as well as of one or more swans. A popular tourist attraction is the Swan Boats. For a small fee, tourists can sit on a boat and pedal around the pond with a tour guide. Being no more than 3 feet deep, the pond easily freezes during the colder months. The reason why the Boston City Council passed an order to maintain the pond for skating during the winter and it is an official skating rink.

The Pond

Lagoon Bridge and the Pond

The Public Garden has several statues and structures all throughout the area. But the one that stood the most was the Equestrian statue of  George Washington. It is located at the Arlington Street gate entrance. The statue itself stands at 16 feet tall and made of bronze, and stands on a granite pedestal for a total height of 38 feet.

Equestrian Statue of George Washington

The Gate

Right across the botanical garden was a very big open space, the Boston Common. It is a central public park and is the oldest city park in the United States. The Boston Common or referred to as the Common was designated as a Boston landmark by the proper authority.

Boston Common

My stay in Boston, Massachusetts was brief but it sure was a beautiful experience. The public garden is well maintained by the locals and the management. It was the center of the city with people from afar and near just making it a rendezvous point for meet-ups, fun and strolling in the park. It was absolutely colorful and lively to look at.

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