The Maine Attraction

 In Maine, United States of America

Before I even left for the New England states trip, I already set the course of my journey to the state of Maine. Maine has a lot of tourist attractions and is also known for its really delicious and mouth watering lobsters. Thus, it made me decide without second thought of going to that state. I called my trip the Maine attraction.

Maine is in the New England region. It is bordered by New Hampshire to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec. The state is known for its jagged, rocky coastline; low, rolling mountains; heavily forested interior; and picturesque waterways, as well as its seafood cuisine especially clams and lobsters. The capital is Augusta but the most populous city is Portland. Either way, I made up my mind to go to somewhere near the coastline and has really good lobsters. The main reason why I went to Cape Elizabeth.

Cape Elizabeth is a town in Cumberland County, Maine. The town is the location of the Beach to Beacon 10K road race that starts at Crescent Beach State Park (the beach) to Portland Head Light (the beacon). Thus, I followed the route and visited the state park first. It was around 1200H when I got to Crescent Beach State Park.

Crescent Beach State Park

Crescent Beach State Park is a state-operated, public recreation area on the Atlantic Ocean. It has a mile-long, crescent shaped beach for swimming and sunbathing, fishing, kayaking, and even trails for hiking and cross-country skiing. It was freezing cold that day since it was still May so, I skipped the swimming and just wandered the state park.

Trails for Hiking

Rock Balancing in the beach

It was relaxing just sitting on the beach. It was indeed a good way to spend the day if only I didn’t have other sights to see. I left the state park after an hour and have decided to grab something to eat. One of the main reasons why I wanted to visit Maine is its lobsters. The state is known for its really good and delicious lobsters. I asked the concierge in the hotel on where to eat in town and she said to try the Docks Seafood Fish Market and Restaurant.

Docks Seafood Fish Market and Restaurant
15 Evans St, South Portland, ME 04106

Docks Seafood Fish Market and Restaurant is a casual kitchen and fish market offering fried and steamed seafood platters with sandwiches and chowders. It is located South Portland and is family owned. Diners can enjoy great local fare in a relaxed and comfortable ambience. Their menu was the freshest local seafood what Maine has to offer. They always carry haddock, dry scallops, tuna, swordfish, wild salmon, lobsters, clams, shrimps, calamari, crab meat, and mushrooms. Of course, I ordered the lobsters.

Shrimps and Calamari

Live Lobsters

Delicious and perfectly cooked lobster

It was so good that I want to bring some back in Ohio but I don’t want them to get spoiled while I’m on the road since I have two other New England states to visit. Maybe next time I get to come back in Maine, I’ll make sure to bring more lobsters. For more information, just visit their site here. Anyway, after that sumptuous late lunch, I headed to my next Maine attraction. It was Fort Williams Park.

Fort Williams Park

Fort Williams Park is a huge 90-acre park encompassing numerous historical sites with Portland Headlight as the most famous and the largely demolished Fort Williams which was operational during World War I and II. These historical sights include:

1. Battery Hobart

‘Battery Hobart was built in 1898 and named after Lt. Henry A. Hobart, one of the first Maine graduates of the U.S Military academy, who was killed in action during the War of 1812. The battery mounted one British-built six-inch gun whose function was to help protect the mine field laid in the main channel in time of war from hostile minesweepers. Battery Hobart was manned during the Spanish-American War but was made redundant by the completion in 1905 of Battery Keyes which mounted more modern American-built guns. Therefore, when the U.S Army determined that America’s pacific defenses required strengthening, Battery Hobart’s gun was removed in the summer of 1913 and sent to the Hawaiian islands where it was used to  protect the Army and Navy facilities at Pearl Harbor during World War I. The battery’s magazine continued to be utilized for the storage of ordnance supplies at Fort Williams until 1929.’

What is left of Battery Hobart

2. Goddard Mansion

‘Goddard Mansion was completed in 1858 for John Goddard (1811-1870) to an Italianate villa design prepared by Portland architect Charles Alexander who planned other prominent buildings in the area. It was built of native stone and was one of the first grand houses to be built along Cape Elizabeth shore. Goddard had been successful in the lumber business and then in 1853, he purchased the Cape Cottage which was a popular summer hotel built in 1835. The mansion was built on a portion of the hotel property. Goddard was active in a number of local businesses and was appointed colonel of the 1st Maine Regiment of Cavalry during Civil War but he saw no action. The mansion was acquired in 1898 by the U.S Army and was used for housing married enlisted men and their families stationed at Fort Williams. The basement was converted into the fort’s Non-Commissioned Officer’s Club.’

The outside look of Goddard Mansion

3. Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light is a lighthouse inside the Fort Williams Park. It was built and completed on 1791 by directive of George Washington. The headlight stands 80 feet above ground and 101 feet above water. The grounds and the keeper’s house are owned by the town of Cape Elizabeth while the beacon and fog signal are owned and maintained by the U.S Coast Guard as a current aid to navigation. Portland Head Light was added to the National Register of Historic Places on 1973.

The Beacon

Other side of Portland Head Light

4. The View

And of course, the view of the state park and the seas were amazing. The rock formation and the water compliment each other making the state park a must visit location.

Blue seas and the rocks

As a conclusion to my trip to the Maine attraction, it was indeed one of the highlights on my New England states trip. It was memorable and everything I put on my checklist came into reality. I was able to see the Atlantic Ocean and seas. I got to visit amazing and beautiful state parks. I got lessons about history and historical places. And especially, I got to eat and taste the most delicious lobsters I ever devoured in my life. My entire trip in Maine was worth every penny!

Check my vlog during my Maine attraction trip:


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