Spelunking the Marengo Cave

 In Indiana, United States of America

Most of my co-workers went on a vacation while I was stuck in the workplace. I need to escape thus, I have decided to go on a road trip for a couple of days. It was a good timing since it was the fourth of July Holiday week. I have 4 days off so, I have ample time to drive to other states and be back home with having enough rest for work the next week. It is summer here in the U.S and the heat is scorching. I mentioned escaping meaning I got to get away of the sun’s unforgivable heat, making me think of going underground. Then, I have made up my mind and thought of exploring caves. I have already explored the cave in Laurel Caverns in Pennsylvania, so, this time it is the opposite side. I researched the web and saw a cave in Indiana. Without having second thoughts, I plotted my trip as spelunking the Marengo Cave.

Marengo Cave is located in Marengo, Indiana. It is a privately owned cave and was designated as a National Natural Landmark back in 1984. The cave was discovered by two children, Orris and Blanche Hiestand. They kept it a secret but after two days, they told Samuel Stewart. Mr. Stewart opened the cave for tourists the same day he was told by the kids. There were many stories on how it was discovered but according to Maddy, our tour guide, it was the 2 kids who found the cave first. Here are the photos I took while being a cave spelunkers.

Start of the Crystal Cave Tour where the plaque can be seen representing Orris and Blanche discovering the cave

Behind the big stone where the plaque was placed was a different world waiting for spelunkers to discover

First Stop is the Mirror Lake. The crystal clear water is giving a mirror effect.

Rock Formation that looks like ginormous chandelier. These are stalactites.

And then, there is stalagmite.

When these two meet together, they become a column just like this in the photo.

There is also formation that they named to a famous volcano. They called this, Mt. Vesuvius erupting.

Maddy the tour guide and our fellow spelunkers

More magnificent view

More columns

Imagine your favorite food….bacon strip

Finally, the Crystal Palace

Amazing view

The Pipe. They make different sounds.

The cave attraction was purely amazing. It has good lighting that anyone can get decent pictures inside the cave. It was like another world underneath. Marengo Cave, US National Landmark, is Indiana’s most popular natural attraction. It was worth the trip and I achieved my goal spelunking the Marengo Cave. The crystal palace tour costs USD18 per head for adults. The tour was about 40mins and was an easy access to all ages. For more information, visit their site here or call them at this phone number 1 888-702-2837.

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