KFC, Kentucky Finally unCovered

 In Kentucky, United States of America

I’ve been passing thru Kentucky when I went to my trips. I visited Nashville and Memphis in Tennessee and also in Georgia but I never really stayed and explore Kentucky. So, this time, I traveled to the state. I called my trip, KFC, Kentucky Finally unCovered.

Kentucky is located in the east south-central region of the United States. Kentucky is one of the four U.S states constituted as a commonwealth, the others being Virginia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. The capital of the state is Frankfort but the largest city is Louisville. So, I ended up having a quick trip in Louisville since I am coming from Marengo, Indiana. In Louisville, I had stopover in Louisville Water Tower but to my surprise, they were close for a renovation. But even though they were closed, I took some photos.

Louisville Water Tower

Louisville Water Tower is located in downtown Louisville near the riverfront. It is also known as Louisville Water Company Pumping Station. It is a U.S National Historic Landmark. It is a famous location for weddings and formal gatherings. It has two towers. The towers were wide and beautiful. The buildings were under construction but the towers were a sight to behold.

The Two Towers

The Cast Iron Tower

The New Tower

The Tower with the statues

The Tower with the building

I only stayed for 5 minutes, took pictures while in my car and then left. After the tower, I just followed the River Road and parked at the Waterfront Park and walked to the Lincoln Memorial Park.

Waterfront Park View

Jug Band Pioneer

Kids’ Playground

View of Louisville skyscrapers from Waterfront Park

Clark Memorial Bridge

Waterfront Park is a city destination for walking paths, water features, kids’ playground, vast lawns and public art. It has big green space for hiking path with the scenic view of the bridges especially the Clark Memorial Bridge. The river breeze was cold and refreshing making it more relaxing while Kentuckian doing their morning walks or jogs. It took me about 5 mins to get to Lincoln Memorial Park and got awesome views of John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge

Street Signs

JFK Bridges

Lincoln Memorial Park is located in Waterfront Park. It has a statue of Abraham Lincoln depicted as he would have looked before he became the president of the United States. The sculpture is bareheaded seating on a rock with an open book in one hand and the other in an outstretched welcoming gesture.

Abraham Lincoln sculpture in Lincoln Memorial Park

John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridges view from Lincoln Memorial Park

Right next after the Lincoln Memorial Park, I went to the biggest and longest cave system in the world. The Mammoth Cave was established as a national park on July 1, 1941. It became a World Heritage Site and an international Biosphere Reserve.Mammoth Cave National Park preserves the cave system and a part of the Green River valley and hilly country of south central Kentucky. It is a wonder of the world not because it is the world’s longest cave system, but it protects diverse and fragile cave life. The national park is also recognized for its preservation of evidence of prehistoric cave exploration, mineral mining, and prehistoric domestication of plants.

Mammoth Cave of Kentucky

Mammoth Cave is the longest cave system in the world at 412miles.


Northern Cavefish (Amblyopsis spelea) grows to more than five inches long. It can live up to 60 years and go two years without eating if necessary. Adapting to complete darkness, it is a specialized cave dwellers being an eyeless cavefish.

Cave Crawfish is an eyeless crawfish that grows to more than four inches long. It has no pigmentation in its outer shell. Its claws make it a formidable predator of small invertebrates in cave pools and streams.

Just a heads up, guests should book a reservation a day prior to their visit because tour tickets are selling out quickly like hot pies. I reserved a historical cave tour, my first choice was the domes and dripstones tour but it was sold out already. Thus, I didn’t have a clue on what to expect on the cave tour I picked. Good thing I did some reading before doing the historical cave tour at the Mammoth Cave museum. Then, that made me equipped on what’s ahead of me.

When we were in the mouth of the cave, the air temperature just suddenly dropped to around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

And so the journey begins…. it became darker and darker.

The cave trek has two paths to pass through, the Fat Man’s Misery and the Tall Man’s Misery. First is the Fat Man’s Misery, the path becomes narrow that we have to walk sideways to get thru the obstacles. Then there is the Tall Man’s Misery which is the photo above. Here, we have to duck for us not to hit our head.

It was fun and everyone was gasping of air and cursing while traversing the paths. It is not suitable for the faint of heart and the claustrophobics.

After we passed thru the Fat and Tall Man’s Misery, we were going deeper and we’re huddled on a historical location where soldiers carved their names on the ceiling.

When we hit the lowest level of the cave allowed for tourists to visit, it was our time to head back to the ground.

Following spiraling staircases to the above ground while taking photos.

The formations were magnificent.

Then, we got back to the assembly point before exiting the cave.

Then, I finally saw the exit..

My cave tour has ended. It was amazing and I still want to do it again. Mind you, the trail was for 2 hours but when I was in the cave, it never felt like I was in there that long. I was like a cave explorer. I was thinking of getting something for souvenir thus, I made a quick stopover at Big Mo since they were selling all kind of rocks that you can find inside the cave. But, I found this.

Big Mo

Sea Monster, Mosasaur

World’s Largest Fossilized Mosasaur Skull

Therefore, I can say KFC. I finally uncovered Kentucky. I toured Kentucky from riverfronts to old and new towers, to caves and underground world, to historical landmarks and heritage sites. It was worth the trip just to get out of the routine. My next trip will be a couple of months but I won’t be traveling alone anymore. Thank you for visiting and reading my blog, fellow bloggers and readers. Safe travels to everyone!

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