In Belize, Belize City

The cruise arrived in Belize from Honduras at 0700H local time. Cruise passengers need to go to the tender port to get to the country. We took a ferry for 15 minutes to get to the coast. Cruise ships usually drop anchor outside the port and tendered by locals.

When we got to the coast of Belize City, we were welcomed by Belizeans with smiles. We hopped to a bus right away and our Un-Belize-able journey began.

Flag of Belize

Belize was once called as British Honduras and was changed to its current name in 1973. The nation got her freedom in September 21st of 1981 and declared independence from Great Britain. Belize is as big as the state of Massachusetts. It has 6 districts with 200 islands. The flag of Belize consists of the Coat of Arms recalling the logging industry which led to the British settlement of the land. The mahogany tree represents this industry. The red and blue stripes symbolizes the two partylists running the country. The humans depicted in the flag is a mestizo (British) and an African descent (Belizean).

We drove around Belize City and flags were everywhere celebrating their coming independence day. We were in there last 09/12/2018. While we were driving around the city, our tour guide was also giving us some important information.Belize City is the largest city in the country. It was once the capital of the former British Honduras. The city is located at the mouth of the Haulover Creek, which is a tributary of the Belize River. The city is the country’s principal port and its financial and industrial hub. The city was almost destroyed when it was hit by Hurricane Hattie back in 1961. It was then that the capital of Belize was changed to Belmopan in 1970.

Central Bank of Belize

We passed through this building. This building is the Central Bank of Belize. It was established in 1982 and was built like a Maya temple.

CARICOM Flag Monument

CARICOM or Caribbean Community is an organization of 15 Caribbean nations and dependencies whose main objective is to promote economic integration and cooperation among its members, to ensure that the benefits of integration are equitably shared, and to coordinate foreign policies. That is the CARICOM Flag Monument in Belize.

Belize City Civic Centre

Belize City Civic Centre is located at the foot of the Belcan (Belize-Canada) bridge. It is the location for big and small events. This multi-purpose mega facility has airconditioned area with a seating capacity of 4,500. It has 3 practice courts, media boxes, offices, and multiple locker rooms. It has a basketball court with 24 hours access and a wide parking spot.

Roundabout sculpture of a hand holding a leaf

This sculpture is located in the Cemetery Road and it caught my eyes. It was intriguing. I wanted to know the reason and the story behind this sculpture but I forgot to ask the tour guide. Anyway, I still like it though.

Marine Parade Monument

This monument stands about twelve feet tall and is a replica of a Mayan site but it is surrounded by canons. The Marine Parade Monument is erected in one of the prized city areas facing the sea. The placement and design of this monument made a lot of controversies when locals agreed that it is out of place and out of touch and the roundabout would have been more appealing if it was surrounded with flowering plants instead.

Bhojwani Promenade

Bhojwani Promenade stretched from the end of the Sand Lighters Promenade to the traffic circle on Marine Parade. It is a little section, the actual sidewalk right from the Maya-inspired temple to the fish market. This area was named Bhojwani Promenade to honor the benefactor.

I can somehow track some of my pictures taken and these were random Belize City street photos.

Head Sculpture in George Price Highway

Building in George Price Highway

Street Vendor

Santiago Castillo

Santiago Castillo is one of the largest food distributors in Belize representing a wide variety of international brands. Its headquarter is in the city and it has built a reputation by continuously providing quality products at competitive prices with delivery service all throughout Belize for both wholesale and retail markets.

Random Photo

It was a brief road trip within Belize City. I was able to see the locals how they spent their regular day and I was amazed how clean their streets were. It was indeed an un-Belize-able day. Next post will be my trip to one of the most famous attractions in the country.

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