IATA Code: NRT – Narita International Airport

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International Air Transport Association (IATA) Location Identifier uses a 3-letter code to identify locations of airports throughout the world.

NRT or known as Narita International Airport is located approximately 37 miles east of Central Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture, straddling the border between the city of Narita and adjacent town of Shibayama. It is an international airport serving the Greater Tokyo Area of the country. NRT was the second-busiest passenger airport in Japan right after Haneda International Airport. The airport has the record of the longest runway in Japan. NRT serves as the main international hub of Japan Airlines, ANA, and as a hub also for low-cost carriers such as JetStar Japan, Peach and Vanilla Air. In 2017, Narita International Airport has ranked 49th on the list of the busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic.

Narita Airport Terminal 1

We deplaned in Terminal 1 and after the plane made a complete stop and the door was opened. I went out to see NRT Arrival Terminal 1. I was welcomed with these signs.

While I was walking to the arrival area, the hallway was spacious and tidy. We were scanned by their thermal-imaging cameras making sure that everyone is screened for passengers with high temperature and is not sick. Right after the body heat scanner, I followed a queue to the immigration officer. The immigration counter was divided into 2, the foreign passport holders and the local passport holders. They have a lot of IOs making the processing easy and fast. Since I was already in Japan, the country is famous of how their toilet seat looks like. So, I went into the bathroom and took a photo of how sophisticated their toilet seats are.

Super advance toilet seat with bidet

I’ve been to different places but I have never seen such bathroom as complex as this, LOL. While a person is taking a dump, an individual has an option to turn the music on for privacy if he/she has gassy situation. It has volume functionalities thus, able to control how loud privacy is needed. The best part of the seat is the bidet. There are two options for bidet, the rear and the front. The rear bidet is used to clean the butt after taking a dump while the front bidet is mostly used for women after taking a piss. It can be controlled by pressing on/off button and also can be managed by increasing or decreasing the water pressure. This toilet is indeed an invention of a genius. After my Japanese bathroom encounter, I went to the luggage claiming area. It is again spacious, well maintained, orderly and tidy.

I didn’t have any luggages. Right after I took pictures, I went directly to customs. I completed the Customs Form easily since I don’t have anything to declare.


Then, I got to the South Wing Arrival Area. The arrival area is spacious too but with huge numbers of passengers around. It was chaotic for me to find where I needed to go. It took me several minutes to compose myself. I was looking for the direction to get a ticket for the train to go to the city. I was wandering around only to find out that it was just infront of me. In the arrival area, there are money changers where travelers can change notes.

South Wing Arrival Board

Arrival Area

Train Ticket Booth

Railways Sign and Directions

Since I only have limited time to see Japan. I went directly downstairs and followed the railway sign. I was able to secure a ticket to Tokyo via Narita Express. Narita Express has automated machine for tickets but I prefer to talk to an agent rather than getting a wrong ticket and get lost.

Narita Express Ticket Office

After I got my one-way ticket, I went another level down to get to the train. In the ticket, it will show the departure time, cart number, and seat number. The train arrived but passengers need to wait for 5-10 minutes for them to clean it. Travelers need not to worry, every sign is translated to English. There are also employees who will help and assist and they speak English.

My Narita Express ticket

Narita Express Train Cart Number 10

The Cleaning Man

An English-speaking employee

Upon getting in the Narita Express train, it was clean, easy to locate seat numbers, and luggages where placed in a safe location with locks. The legroom is wide so, for tall passengers, no problem sitting comfortably. Most important information in the train is the route map which is visible to passengers.

Route Map in the Narita Express train

The airport is where the travelers get their first impression of the country they are about to explore. When it comes to NRT/ Narita International Airport, it was an amazing experience. I always thought that I will get lost and no one will help me find my way but it was not true. I may have only seen the arrival area of terminal 1 of NRT but I could say that the whole operation in the airport is the handled the same.

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