IATA Code: HND – Haneda International Airport

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International Air Transport Association (IATA) Location Identifier uses a 3-letter code to identify locations of airports throughout the world.

HND/ Haneda International Airport is one of the two primary airports serving the Greater Tokyo Area. It is also the primary base of Japan’s two major domestic airlines, Japan Airlines and ANA or All Nippon Airways. The airport is located in Ota, Tokyo which is 8.7 miles south of Tokyo Station. HND was used to be the primary international airport serving Tokyo but was changed in 1978 when all international flights were diverted to NRT/ Narita International Airport. Thereby, making Haneda Airport only serving domestic flights and some chartered flights to nearby East Asian’s cities. It was then changed in 2010 when a dedicated international terminal was opened along with the completion of a 4th runway that allows long-haul flights. In 2014, HND was back to serving international flights. The Japanese government is currently encouraging the use of HND airport for premium business routes and the use of NRT airport for leisure routes and low-cost carriers.

I was down in Tokyo, exploring. It was almost my time to go back to the airport for the continuation of my trip. I was in Harajuku Train Station and for me to get to HND Airport, I have to get to Hamamatsucho Station and change service train to Tokyo Monorail.

Route Map from Harajuku Train Station

It was a relief since my friend offered to go with me to the Hamamatsucho station. But after I got to the Tokyo Monorail platform, I got a speed bump. There were 3 trains servicing the line. I was a little bit confused on when to ride the train. I asked 3 people and none of them speaks English. A red train arrived and was waiting for passengers and there was me, still looking for answers. The last person I asked, still has limited English communication skill but told me that the red train will go to HND airport. I was still questioning if it was a right information but the signs were so fast that I can’t even read the English translation. Time was clicking and I don’t want to miss my flight and then suddenly, I made up my mind and rode the red train. Thank goodness, it was indeed the right train. I got to the International Departure area with ample time to check-in.

Departure Lobby

Flight Information Board

Check-In Counters

Online Web Check-In

After I got my boarding pass, finding the boarding gate was easy. I passed the security, immigration officer in less than 10 minutes. I have enough time to walk around the airport while waiting for boarding time. In boarding gates, there are more international stores like Cartier, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, and etc.

Departure Area near Security

Immigration Booths after passing them



and more stores..

I was so tired after the stressful day in Tokyo. I found my boarding gate for my flight. I took a quick nap while waiting while charging my phone for my next flight.

Free charging station in boarding gates

Haneda International Airport is a pretty new and nice airport. It was wide and the whole time I was there was good. I was really tired that I didn’t have the energy to see some of the services the airport offers. It was a long day for me in Tokyo but at the end of my journey in Japan, I found refuge in HND Airport.

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