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 In Singapore, Singapore

It’s my second time in Singapore and the reason why I’m visiting the Merlion nation was to meet up a friend. She has been my host everytime I visit the country. She has been my closest friend back when we first got our real job in the unforgiving world of employment. I arrived in Singapore around 1400H, went to Immigration Counter and it was no hassle. Then, I walked to the Arrival Gate and there I found my close friend waiting for my arrival.

She already planned my itinerary while in Singapore. She made sure that we won’t get hungry while in a country of rich culture of Indians, Malay, Chinese and more. Our first stop was Food Opera in Ion Orchard.sin07

We rode the SkyTrain to get to the MRT station that will bring us to our destination. We got to ION Orchard and went directly to Food Opera. It was jam-packed. A lot of people dined there since there were more food stalls to choose from different cuisines of other Asian countries and etc. My friend ordered Tom Yum Soup which is known as a Thai cuisine. We got some really good pork meat food preparation. They were too good that I didn’t have the time to take pictures of them.


Food Opera


Tom Yum Soup in Food Opera

After the sumptuous dinner, we headed down to the street of Orchard Road. Different high brands lined the road from MK to Victoria’s Secret. I felt like the whole Singapore was on shopping spree with everyone out doing their Christmas gift buying.


Tiffany and Co, Cartier, and many more stores



Victoria’s Secret


It was a short visit just to meet up a friend who lives in Singapore. For me, friendship is one of the most treasure gifts in life. I’ve been always out of my comfort zone and I’ve been far away from my family, thus, friends are the only people I can look up to whenever I’m in trouble or I want to have fun. They made my life more bearable in the battle called Life.

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