IATA Code: SYD – Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport

 In Australia, Gateway to the World, International Airports, New South Wales

International Air Transport Association (IATA) Location Identifier uses a 3-letter code to identify locations of airports throughout the world.

SYD or Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport is an international airport in Sydney, Australia. It is located 5 miles south of Sydney city center, in the suburb of Mascot. SYD is the primary airport serving Sydney and is the primary hub of Qantas, as secondary hub of Virgin Australia and JetStar Airways. Sydney Airport is one of the world’s longest continuously operated commercial airports and the busiest airport in Australia.

Deplaning process started and I got off the plane fast. It was indeed a great day in Sydney, the sun was out and took a quick photo of JetStar since it signifies, I am in Australia. After I got out of the gates, stores welcomed the passengers. Stores selling cosmetics, perfumes, and more goodies lined the walkway to immigration counters. When I got to Immigration Counters, it was divided to all other passport holders and ePassport self service for citizens of Australia, UK, US, Singapore, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, and other eligible countries. It was an easy breezy passing the immigration counter. I made sure that I got my tourist visa and passport in my hand. Next was the baggage claim.

JetStar, one of Australian’s carriers
Sydney’s Duty Free
Immigration Counter
Baggage Claim Area

I was already in the arrival area, tourists can have their money exchange to Australian dollars in a money exchange booth. There were also restaurants, fastfood chains, and meeting point.

Foreign Money Exchange
Queue for Fastfood
Meeting Point

To get to the city center, travelers can choose variety of modes of transportation. They have choices of using the public trains, public buses, rental cars, private limousines and share/ transport app like Uber. I used the former by walking from the arrival area to the specified location for Uber pick-ups. I was directed by the app to head to P7 Express Pick-up.

SYD Arrival Area
Bus Stops
P7 Parking Spot
Then, I saw this waving at me, welcoming me officially to the Land Down Under, Australia

Getting back to the airport is easily accessible just by riding the train. It has 2 stops, the domestic airport station and international airport station. I got off of the international airport station and headed to the international departures area. The whole area was spacious, clean, well-planned as well as the ventilation and lighting were good. Check-in Information screens were in every check-in counter.

Inside the train
Welcome to International Airport Station – Sydney
Escalator going to the Departure Area
Check-In Information Board
Check-in Counters

Like every airport in the world, after passing check-in counter, passengers need to undergo routine checks such as security check, immigration clearance, and border patrol. After passing those checks, I was able to roam around the boarding gates. The airport has clean bathrooms but they don’t have bidet like Japan airports has. I just did window shopping to kill time since I already have what I needed at that moment. Then, I went to the boarding gate while waiting for my flight back to the US. I had a quick stop at the money exchange booth.

Immigration Counter – Departure Area
and more stores..
Boarding gate’s waiting chairs
Foreign Money Exchange Booth inside the Boarding Gates

The whole time I stayed in Sydney Airport while waiting for my flight was easy breezy. I got hungry but I got access to food. I needed to charge my phone but they have charging stations. Fairly, it was a good place to spend time waiting for your flight.

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