The Move: Overview

 In Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, United States of America

Last quarter of 2018, I thought my life needs more stability. My job was not doing well when it comes to investments and getting the attention it needed from the administration. Thus, it made me realise to move somewhere stable and has better future. I even finalised it that my moving out of state will be the first quarter of next year. I was still in a relationship at that time and we were on the same page. Apparently, the reason of our breakup was not being ready to go with me and leave the family in MidOhio Valley. I almost changed my plan to just stay to save our relationship but my ex already let go. My reasons of moving have changed. Before it was because of career opportunity but now, it was mainly because I want to move on from my failed relationship. Lastly, I have planned of moving to another state since I have explored most of the Eastern states in the US. It was time for me to discover the west.

The Move started on February 8th which was also the last day of me working in once was a great hospital in MOV, Selby General Hospital. It went downhill when Memorial Health System took over. Anyway, here is the overview of my journey.

Day 1: I left Marietta, OH around 2AM EST. I started my drive straight all the way to my first stop. My first stop was at White River State Park in Indianapolis, IN. I arrived in Indianapolis at 0630H EST. It was freezing cold outside. As I can remember, It was 17 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of 1. I still went outside but it was still dark and took some photos of the park.

It was really freezing that I only stayed for 5 mins and decided to go back on the road. Next stop was Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site in Collinsville, IL. I arrived in the location at 0920H.

I spent about an hour in the museum and left at 1000H EST and drove to the third stop. The next stop was the Old Cathedral of the Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France, the Gateway Arch, and Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, St. Louis, MO. I was in St. Louis, MO at 1100H EST.

I drove around Missouri. From St. Louis, I traveled to Kansas City for my last stop of the day. I went to National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, MO at 1610H CST. I called it a day after visiting the museum and slept at the most relaxed hostel in downtown Kansas City. I stayed the night at Honeycomb Hostel.

Day 2: I started the day early again. The road was still covered with snow. But I left the hostel at 0545H CST. I went back to driving heading to Kansas State Capitol Visitor Center in Topeka, KS. I arrived in Topeka around 0700H.

After Topeka, my next itinerary for that day was the Keeper of the Plains in Wichita, KS. I got to Wichita at 0930H CST.

Since my friend lives in Pratt, KS so, I diverted my route to going to Pratt instead. I haven’t seen my friend for 4 years. We had lunch in Pratt and then, he toured me around the city. We went to the Old Train Station, Windmills, and Pratt All Veterans Memorial in Pratt, KS.

Day 3: I was still in Pratt. My friend and I planned on going on a road trip. We went to Monument Rocks in Grinnell, KS. I let him drive my car so, I wasn’t mindful of the time. I just enjoyed the day without having time constraints.

We also decided to check the Big Well Museum in Greensburg, KS.

Last attraction for the day was the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City, KS.

Day 4: My final day of the Move has come to an end. But before I get to my destination, I made sure to take the opportunity to see some sights in the next state which was Oklahoma. I visited the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City, OK.

Oklahoma State Capitol

After seeing the state capitol, I drove south and get to Turner Falls Overlook in Davis, OK.

Turner Falls

It was a 4-day trip for the Move. But it was memorable and if given a chance to do it again for another location, I would do it in a heartbeat. I traveled from Ohio and finally have settled down in Dallas, Texas. I surely miss my second family back in Ohio but life must move on. I’m in a new environment and I am starting my life anew. The Move was a success. I drove thousands of miles and saw different states on the way. The trip could have been done for 14-16 hours but I took the long route and it was the best.

thelonetravelercarl’s route (A.White River State Park,Indiana; B.Cahokia Mounds,Illinois; C.National WWI Museum and Memorial,Missouri; D.Kansas State Capitol Visitor Center,Topeka; E.Keeper of the Plains,Wichita; F.Pratt; G.Monument Rocks,Grinnell; H.Oklahoma State Capitol,Oklahoma; I.Turner Falls,Davis)

Here’s a short vlog during The Move;

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