What To See in Kansas? A Lot..

 In Kansas, United States of America

My friends called Kansas as the flat land area. I asked them if there’s an attraction to see and they smiled at me and said, never-ending fields. A friend whom I used to work with and my flat mate was relocated in Pratt, Kansas thus, I made a decision to stay in Kansas for 2 days while moving to my new home in Texas. While I was driving on my way to Pratt, I saw some very interesting advertisements on the interstate. Then, I looked up the web and found out that what to see in Kansas, there’s a lot.

Here are some few of the attractions in the state of Kansas:

1.Kansas State Capitol Visitor Center in Topeka

Kansas State Capitol Visitor Center

Coming from the state of Missouri, Topeka is the nearest city from Kansas City. The state capitol visitor center looked really splendid and grandiose. It sure attracted my attention when I was browsing the web that it made me add it in my itinerary. I was just passing by and didn’t really plan of going inside the center.

2.Keeper of the Plains in Wichita

Keeper of the Plains

Keeper of the Plains is a 44-foot tall steel sculpture standing at the point where the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers join together in downtown Wichita. Surrounding the base of the statue were multiple displays which described the local tribes that used to inhabit the area, as well as several fire pits which sometimes lit up to illuminate the statue at night. Too bad it was off limit when I got there due to weather and icy rivers.

3.Exploration Place in Wichita

Exploration Place

Exploration Place is the state’s premier hands-on science center for all ages, located on a 20-acre site along the Arkansas River in the city’s downtown museums on the river district. The museum emphasized on interactive displays that featured aviation, geography and traveling that showcase the importance of math and science in the world.

4.Attractions in Pratt such as the Old Train Station, Windmills and Pratt All Veterans Memorial

Most of the these attractions were either historical or plainly sight to see. Either way, these spots were must to see when in Pratt. The Pratt All Veterans Memorial is a complex that is fully dedicated to the history of WWII in the area. It showed how the city of Pratt contributed to the war.

5.Monument Rocks in Grinnell

Monument Rocks

Monument Rocks is a cluster of towering rocks in the middle of Kansas fields. They also called it Chalk Pyramids. According to history, about 65-70 million years ago, there was a gigantic inland sea in the middle of the North American continent, in what is now the Great Plains. When it receded, it left the Great Plains and numerous amazing rock formations.

6.Big Well Museum in Greensburg

Big Well Museum

Big Well Museum features exhibits on the history of Greensburg and the digging of the Big Well, tornado, and the rebuilding of the town. It is the world’s largest hand-dug well, 32 feet wide and 109 feet deep using only picks, shovels, pulley, rope and a half a barrel in 1887-88. 10 years after the Big Well was opened to the public, the world’s largest Pallasite meteorite was discovered and was added as an attraction. On May 4th, of 2007, the whole town of Greensburg was blown to smithereens by a mile-wide mega-tornado. The town people mourned and rebuilt the city to where it is now. The little town has an odd mix of state-of-the-art green buildings and empty lots filled with weedy rubble. It is a reminder that you’re in a deadly twister territory.

7.Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City

Me in Boot Hill Museum

Boot Hill Museum is located on the original site of the Boot Hill Cemetery and highlights the glory days of the Queen of the Cow towns with creative, lively, interactive displays and activities. Dodge City was famous for being infamous. Back in 1870s, it is the wildest town in the Wild West, and probably the most dangerous place in America. When scoundrels and drifters died, they were buried on Boot Hill.

I’ve been to 6 different locations in Kansas and it proved to me that what to see in Kansas, there’s a lot of tourist attractions. A traveler just need to be open minded and eventually will find something interesting. It was a fun 2-day stay in Kansas. The state is located in a tornado alley and prone to twisters due to its landscape but it also has the edge to show the country and the world that they have something to offer for tourism.

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