OK, Oklahoma!

 In Oklahoma, United States of America

Going further south, next state to see was OK. I haven’t been to this state but I’ve heard a lot about it since my ex used to live here for years and has relatives still living in the state. My ex mentioned to me that it is not a good place due to higher incidence of tornado during change of seasons. But still, I want to see it. I’m ready to explore it so, I said to myself, OK, Oklahoma! I hope you are ready for me.

I came from Kansas but before I drove going to Oklahoma, I checked online and most of the tourist attractions were further west which was way out of my route. It gave me only few choices to see what’s in the state. My route was to drive thru I-35 South which will pass thru Oklahoma City. Thus, enabling me to see only two stops for an Oklahoma experience.

My first stop was the Oklahoma State Capitol. It is the house of government of the US state of Oklahoma. The state capitol complex is the only state capitol grounds in the country with active oil rigs. When I got there, It was really hard to find a parking spot. It took me almost 10-15 mins to find one and almost parked in the reserved spot. Anyway, I found a spot and went out to walk and take a photo. The state capitol was under renovation and it was also foggy that day.

Oklahoma State Capitol

I only spent in Oklahoma City for just half an hour. I still took the I-35 South going further to Davis. My next stop was the Turner Falls in Davis.

Turner Falls is an American waterfall at 77 feet and is locally considered Oklahoma’s tallest waterfall. The falls are part of Turner Falls Park which is a city park operated by the city of Davis. The Falls cascade into a swimming pool, one of two such pools within the park, and these are popular tourist destinations in the summer. The park covers 1,500 acres and also contains nature trails, caves and other interesting geological formations. It also has a walk-in castle which was built in the 1930s.

Turner Falls Park

My one day traveling in Oklahoma was short. But I’m sure I’ll be back soon enough to explore it. I just need a travel buddy and for sure it’ll be worth it. No tornadoes gonna stop me even if I have to schedule my trip during twister months. I discovered both sides of Oklahoma, the modern buildings and the beautiful nature.

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