A Day in the Gulf Shores, Alabama

 In Alabama, United States of America

I had a day in the Gulf Shores in Alabama. I spent it mostly touring around the coastline from the beach to the Fort. Gulf Shores as I mentioned from my previous blog post, it is a city in the Gulf Coast. It is a state park that has access to the beaches, trails, and pier. It is a place for migratory sea turtles and birds. Not only that, it has a resort community that is known for its bright white beaches and soothing warm water during the right seasons. Daytime activities include scenic cruises, dolphin watching and hiking.

My tri-state trip started in Alabama. I spent the day just sitting on the beach chair. I was looking on people having fun doing their beach activities, enjoying the nice weather, feeling the fine sands on my feet, breathing the fresh sea breeze, and celebrating my freedom. Orange Beach was indeed a place to visit when in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It has everything; the bars, the restaurants, the parties at night, and many more.

Gulf Shores

Before the sun sets, I drove all the way to Fort Morgan. It was about 30-minute drive passing thru houses that looked like cottages. Fort Morgan is also known as Fort Bowyer. It is a historical site with wonderful view of the Gulf Shores. It is located at the tip of the peninsula. It was too late for me when I got there. Hours of the park was from 0800H to 1700H. So, instead I just sat down and watched the sun sets. They were a bunch of people waiting for the same thing I was doing.

Sunset in Fort Morgan, Alabama

When I was still in Alabama, I really like it over there that I have even considering of moving instead of staying in Dallas. There were numerous fun activities within the city that made me think of staying and venture my future. But I thought and I knew, it’ll get hotter and busier during the summer season. Thus, a day in the Gulf Shores, Alabama is one way to enjoy the location.

Here is my vlog during my visit in Gulf Shores, Alabama:

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