The City of Biloxi

 In Mississippi, United States of America

The second state on my tri-state trip was Mississippi. I did spend most of my time researching on this state such as places to see and visit. Only thing to find out was the southern part of MS which was considered the most popular location to explore. One of the most famous places was the city of Biloxi.

Biloxi is a Mississippi city on the gulf of Mexico. It’s known for its casinos and beaches. It was the third largest city of the state but due to widespread destruction and flooding during hurricane season, many refugees left the city. Post hurricane Katrina, the city became the fifth largest city being surpassed by Hattiesburg and Southaven.

Sunrise in Biloxi City

Another iconic attraction near the beach was the lighthouse. Biloxi Lighthouse stands next to the beach on the Mississippi Sound. It was erected in 1848 and was one of the first cast-iron lighthouse in the South. It is the city’s signature landmark and has become a post-Katrina symbol of the city’s resolve and resilience. The lighthouse has withstood many storms over the years. It has a live feed on their site at

Biloxi Lighthouse

There’s this Biloxi Lighthouse Pier where travelers can do fishing or just enjoy the day near the sea, sands and get tanned. It has a great view of the city, the lighthouse and the beach. It’s also a good place to sit down while witnessing the sun either during sunrise or sunset or both.

Biloxi Lighthouse Pier

The City of Biloxi is a gem in the South. It has survived over the years with storms and hurricanes hitting it. People may have left but the city is still standing amidst the destruction it got. I hope that in the future, the city or state will find a way to save the city and its beauty. Here is a vlog during my trip down the City of Biloxi.

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