Mum’s Birthday Celebration in Arizona

 In Arizona, United States of America

My mum is back in the United States. Most of our relatives and friends live in the Western part of the nation. Thus, we have decided to spend her natal day in one location where everyone can gather and just meet there. We have mum’s birthday celebration in Arizona. We visited the Sun State back in 2016 and it was a big reason to come back to the see the family again.

We arrived in Phoenix and stayed in Mesa for my mother’s birthday week. We were a couple of days early. With our spare days, we were toured by my aunt in nearby tourist attractions. We went to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument.

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is located in Coolidge. It preserves a group of Ancient Pueblo Peoples Hohokam structures of the previous eras. The national monument consisted of the ruins of multiple structures surrounded by a compound wall constructed by the ancient people of the Hohokam period. Casa Grande is Spanish for big house. The structure is made of caliche and has managed to survive the extreme weather conditions for about 7 centuries.

It’s a birthday celebration so, we got to prepare the food and the gifts as well. What better to do that than spend most of the days in the shopping mall and grocery stores. We also tried tea houses in the area which just boomed like mushrooms everywhere.

On my mum’s birthday, it was like a mini reunion. I’ve got to see my aunt, cousins, uncle, and family friends from the West Coast. The night was spent the whole time talking about life. We even have multiple video calls just to keep in touch with relatives and friends who weren’t able to make it.

It was a great birthday celebration for my mother in Arizona. It was her first natal day celebration out of the Philippines and I ought to make it special. I hope she felt it was a memorable celebration.

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