Keeping Me Sane

 In Idaho, Montana, United States of America, Utah, Wyoming

The idea of traveling makes my head wander. I think about the what ifs and what to do when I get there. So, to keeping me sane, I traveled when I get the chance. This time, I got an 8-day off thus, I have decided to make a travel itinerary to states, locations and cities that I haven’t visited yet.

This is how my itinerary looked like. I planned to travel the states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah.

State of Idaho

From UT State Capitol Building
-Shoshone Falls (3H 20M) 1440H-1500H
-Eagle Rock Fountain (2H 20M) 1720H-1730H
**spend a night in Motel 6-Rigby (18M) 1750H 07/24-07/25
-Yellowstone Bear World (15M) 1030H-1130H
*NOTE: purchase Wildlife Excursion ticket ahead of time

State of Montana

From Yellowstone Bear World
-Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park (3H) 1430H-1500H
-Museum of the Rockies (1H 10M) 1610H-1830H
-Hyalite Reservoir (40M) 1910H-2000H
**check-in and spend a night in Western Heritage Inn (10M) 2040H
-stroll around downtown Bozeman

State of Wyoming

From Western Heritage Inn 0500H
-Excelsior Geyser Crater (2H 20M) 0720H-0750H
-Biscuit Basin (6M) 0800H-0830H
-Old Faithful (7M) 0910H-0940H
-West Thumb Geyser Basin (35M) 1015H-1045H
-Colter Bay Visitor Center (1H) 1145H-1215H
**meet Annie in her home address in Jackson, WY 83001 (1H 5M) 1320H
-Grand Teton National Park (c/o Annie)
-Jenny Lake Visitor Center (c/o Annie)
**dinner in Signal Mountain Lodge Trapper Grill
-stroll around downtown Jackson
**spend a night in Annie’s Residence
-Rock Springs Historical Museum (3H 5M) 1200H-1210H

State of Utah

From Rock Springs Historical Museum with a quick stopover at Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area
-Double Arch Trailhead (6H 10M) 1900H-1915H
-Lower Delicate Arch Viewpoint (15M) 1930H-2000H
**spend a night in Jennifer’s home in Tremonton (5H 30M) 0130H
-Crystal Hot Spring (15M) 1800H-2100H
**spend a night in Avenues Hostel (1H 10M) 2230H-0820H
-Cathedral of the Madeleine (9M) 0830H-0835H
-Temple Square (8M) 0845H-0900H
-Utah State Capitol Building (15M) 0945H-1000H

As what you’ve noticed on my travel itinerary, I included hours of driving/walking and the time I’ll spend when I’m there. That is how meticulous I am when it comes to traveling but that makes my brain occupied and that keeps me sane. The joy and satisfaction I felt when I get to set foot on locations I have never been before. Traveling makes my sanity on check.

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