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 In Idaho, United States of America

From my previous blog entry, I talked about my travel itinerary for 8-day off. The first stop was  the state of Idaho. I searched the famous tourist attractions and found out that the state is famous for its falls. I checked the photos online and I ‘fall’ for the state’s natural beauty.

My trip in Idaho was really focused on visiting and seeing the waterfall in Twin Falls. I used Salt Lake City Airport in Utah from Dallas, Texas and drove straight to Shoshone Falls State Park.

1.Shoshone Falls. It is a waterfall on the Snake River in southern Idaho. It is sometimes called as, ‘the Niagara of the West’. It is 212 feet high. Irrigation and hydroelectric power stations built on it were major contributors to the early economic development of southern Idaho.

Shoshone Falls

Shoshone Falls received most of its water from snowmelt in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho and Wyoming near Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Promoters of tourism to the falls cited the ‘lonely grandeur’ of the surrounding country and the falls were not overshadowed by a city.

2.Eagle Rock Fountain. It is a sightseeing landmark situated in the roundabout in Idaho Falls. This sculpture has two eagles and a mountain lion amid rocks and waterfalls. In the winter, the sculpture is covered with frozen falls and during summer, it is surrounded with flowers.

Eagle Rock Fountain

Eagle Rock Fountain is a lovely addition to the Idaho Falls landscape. The official name of the sculpture is ‘The Protector’ created by Vic Payne installed in 2006. It is a good stop to see while in Idaho.

3.Yellowstone Bear World. It is a privately owned drive-thru wildlife park located in Rexburg, Idaho. It is near the Yellowstone National Park. This park holds over 8 species of wildlife indigenous to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. In the park, it includes a small amusement park and a petting zoo.

Yellowstone Bear World

Yellowstone Bear World is the only wildlife park in the United States where guests can bottle feed bear cubs. The major attraction is the ability of visitors to see grizzly bears, black bears, and other wildlife indigenous to North America in their habitat from the safety and comfort of your vehicle. To check for admission fees and excursion tickets, check their site by clicking here.

And here is one of the stars of the park

In Idaho, I did fall for its natural beauty. The abundant supply of water on its falls, the different species of wildlife found in North America, and the artistic people living in it. They all were essential to Idaho’s amazing and picturesque views. The experience was memorable.

Check my vlog on my trip to Idaho by visiting my YouTube channel or just watch the video below:

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