My First Thanksgiving with Family

 In Arizona, United States of America

It has been awhile from my previous blog entry and definitely way too late. I’ve had issues going on with life and it needed my utmost attention. Anyway, the most recent holiday here in the US was spent with great people around me. It was my first Thanksgiving with Family.

Our Thanksgiving was held in my aunt’s residence in Mesa, Arizona where my mother’s birthday last year was also held. I flew from Dallas to Phoenix midnight to beat traffic and long queues in the airport and highways. I’ve arrived in Mesa at 1AM. When I got to my aunt’s house, my cousins and I finally had a small reunion. My cousins live in San Diego and Los Angeles. Family friends traveled from Maryland. We didn’t have any plan and all of the sudden, we had an itinerary by just sitting for an hour. I’ve already visited some of the spots on our list but it was fine coz I’m traveling with family and friends.

Superstition Mountain Tourist Spots. In Superstition Mountain Range, there’s the Tortilla Flat, the Canyon Lake Vista, Superstition Mountain Museum and many more. It was a good drive around the mountain range. The weather was a little chilly but perfect to wander around.

Tortilla Flat view
Canyon Lake Vista
Superstition Mountain Museum

Sedona Tourism. There are hundreds of things to do in Sedona. During my last trip back in 2016, we visited the Bell Rock, Chapel of the Holy Cross, Slide Rock State Park but it happened during summer months. This time, we traveled in Sedona in winter days.

Chapel of the Holy Cross,
Sedona Rock Mountains

The next day was Thanksgiving. They were busy preparing and cooking the food while we were resting and waiting for chowtime. Thanksgiving dinner started at around 6PM with relatives and friends coming and gathering. Everyone was having fun and got full from dinner. My aunt and her sous chef sure were really good in preparing the feast.

My entire Thanksgiving with family was awesome! It was my first but definitely won’t be my last. I got a lot of things to thank for. I’m just grateful that I have my family and close friends around me to support and love me. I got the career and I’m living my life how I wanted it. Happy Thanksgiving even though it’s late, too late!

Family and Friends
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