Time to Hit the Beach

 In Florida, United States of America

It’s been awhile that I have visited the beach. I miss the smell of sea breeze, the feeling when stepping on to fine sands, the sounds the waves make, and the different glow of the sun. I am already past due for vacation. Thus, it was time to hit the beach for me.

I’ve searched the web and maps on what beach to hit. I was looking for a beach location that is near to my current location which is Dallas. For weeks of searching, I’ve found Fort Walton Beach which is in the middle of two popular beach destinations of Destin and Pensacola Beach. Since I got a location to go to, I’ve booked a hotel for 2 nights with friends. It was in The Island by Hotel Red Lion in Fort Walton Beach.

The Island by Hotel Red Lion in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

We drove for 10 hours straight from Texas to Florida. It was exhausting but I know it was worth it. We arrived in our destination at 8PM. It was already dark which I couldn’t really appreciate the beauty of the surrounding. I went to bed then. By morning, I woke up early and went to claim my prize for driving long hours. This what welcomed me.

My friends and I branded our group as ‘Single Hearts’ since we all are single. We decided to see Destin. We’ve explored Henderson Beach State Park, Harborwalk Village, and Harborwalk Marina.

Henderson Beach State Park in Destin
Harborwalk Village
HarborWalk Marina

After our whole day excursion, we stopped for food. We dined in the Crab Trap back in Fort Walton Beach. We ordered the ultimate triple crab combo. The combo has Dungeness crabs, wild Alaska Bairdi crabs, Alaska snow crabs, and Alaska red king crabs. It was delicious.

Ultimate Crab Combo Experience in the Crab Trap

It was just a 2-day and 2-night Fort Walton Beach experience with my single hearts friends but it was the right time to hit the beach. The beach was amazing with its fine sands, the sea breeze, and the waves. I planned this trip on the same week of the NOLA Mardi Gras so, I can also experience the parade when we head back to Texas.

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