A Quick Detour

 In Colorado, United States of America

I was overdue for a trip this year. The last time I had an out-of-state travel was back in NOLA during Mardi Gras. I got all my travels planned for the year and I’ve missed two of them because of the covid pandemic. We’ve been staying at home for months and months now and it’s taking a toll in my mental health. I usually go on a vacation just de-stress from the life stressors of everyday living. I already planned my trip to Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA for March and it got cancelled. The next trip was supposedly a reunion with Ohio friends and second families. I got all booked and taken care of but Dallas became a covid hotspot that I don’t want my friends to get exposed to me and end up quarantined. To make the story short and the whining stop, I have decided to do a long road trip. I got 14 days off and made a decision to go to states that I haven’t visited yet to finish my USA list. I was already heading to Scotts Bluff National Monument but I did a quick detour instead to Denver, CO. I’ve made to Denver at 2130H but got a beautiful sunset view.

I went directly to the hotel I booked. When I got settled in Wingate by Wyndham Denver Tech in Greenwood Village, I drove to grab something to eat in Twin Creeks since they closed as late as 11PM. Before I ended the night, what better to do in Denver when weed is legal. I visited the Green Solution which is a marijuana dispensary. I checked it just out of curiosity but haven’t tried any.

I took the route crossing Wyoming to get to Nebraska. The view suddenly changed from mountains and trees to desert plateaus and valleys. It was gorgeous though. Photos were taken in Ranchettes and Torington.

It took 5 hours to get to Nebraska with the trip route I chose. But it was hella ride. I almost ran out of fuel. Lesson for the trip, make sure you got full tank if you’re going to drive in a vast empty space.

The quick detour was indeed needed to get to my destination. It made me more excited to travel more. Amidst this covid crisis, it’s hard when tourism is put into halt but I was able to make it. Be mindful about your surroundings, follow social distancing, sanitizing and washing hands. Wearing masks when in public is a must. Traveling can be feasible with being more cautious on following safety rules. This might be the new norm but we’ll get through this by staying together.

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