One of the Dakotas

 In South Dakota, United States of America

South Dakota was next on the list of states to visit. From Nebraska to South Dakota took almost 3 hours of driving. Since it was close so, I made sure to include one of the Dakotas in my list to visit. When I hit SD state line, it was all plain and flat lands. But it wasn’t my first time seeing a view like that. Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska share the same landscapes.

The picture above was taken in Martin, SD. It was a long 20-mile unpaved road that I have to drive to get to my first destination. My list to see in the state were:

1.Enter the Door Trail

I added this trail because I saw it in the web and it was beautiful with its unique rock formations. The only thing is you gotta drive far to get to the trail. As consolation, I got to see these views.

2.Keystone, SD

Keystone is the city where the famous attraction is situated, the Mt Rushmore National Monument. My first plan was to visit and see the National Monument but to my surprise, it was closed that day. I didn’t know the President of the United States was having a campaign rally in the area as well as celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks and more. It was an exclusive rally and every participant who got in had background checks. I ended up checking the city and camped on a tent for the first time which was the best experience I had so far in this trip.

3.Mt Rushmore National Monument

The next day was the highlight of my trip, Mount Rushmore. The National Monument is a pride of the United States. It showed the 4 founding fathers of the nation starting from George Washington as the first president, Thomas Jefferson was the third president, Theodore Roosevelt as top five president of the US, and Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President who issued the Emancipation Proclamation freeing slaves forever. It was the perfect time I got there coz it happened to be the 4th of July. The best place to spend Independence Day.

4.Deadwood, SD

The historic city of Deadwood is known for its gold rush history. Minings, outlaws, gambling and entrepreneurs trading back on those old days. The city was mesmerising in its own way. It has those old days vibe and the people were friendly.

5.Roughlock Falls

Roughlock Falls is one of the Black Hills’ most beautiful areas and also one of the area’s most-photographed spots. It was indeed beautiful. The sound of the water flowing was so hypnotizing. It was nature at its best.

My whole trip in one of the Dakotas was amazing with a lot of new experiences. I have experienced my first camping, a close encounter to the POTUS (President of the United States), about to witness a US campaign rally, spent a memorable 4th of July with the Founding Fathers, and also caught in camera in an independent channel supporting the President’s campaign.

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