Potatoes, Corns, and etc

 In Minnesota, United States of America

Minnesota was the next state to visit. Since I’ve stayed in Fargo, ND, I was already closed to Minnesota’s first city which was Moorhead. I, then, checked the city and had stops in Comstock House and Hjemkomst Center. The rest of the places I’ve witnessed while driving around the state were potatoes, corns, and etc. It was wide fields of both potato crops and corns as far as the eye can see.

Comstock House is a historic house museum in the city of Moorhead. It was built for Solomon Comstock and his family since the family was the first settlers and an influential figure in business, politics, civics, and education in the growing city and state.

Hjemkomst Center is also located in the same city as the Comstock House. This center is a museum and served as a home to Hjemkomst Viking ship. Hjemkomst which means homecoming in Norwegian is a replica Viking ship. I was unlucky since they were closed when I visited the museum so, I just took photos outside.

The rest of my Minnesota photo galleries were shot in different locations but with same views of potato crops and corn fields. There were old and beautiful churches, too.

This was actually my second visit of the state but the first time I was here, I only spent it in the MSP Airport. This time, I was out in the field and exploring the countryside of the state of Minnesota. It was relaxing seeing the green fields of potatoes and corns. But for sure, there are more places to see and discover in MN.

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